Creeks & Streams


Στην επίσκεψή σας στη Σαμοθράκη και για να βιώσετε το μεγαλείο και το απαράμιλλο της ομορφιάς της φύσης της, θα πρέπει οπωσδήποτε να συμπεριλάβετε μια εκδρομή σας στις πηγές του Φονιά, στη μοναδικού κάλους περιοχή της Καργιάς


Right above of Klidosi waterfall is the area of the springs of Fonia, known as Kargia.

The route is easy and can be followed by children aged 7 years and over.

Following the asphalt road that leads you to Ano Meria settlement (Απάν΄Μιργιά) at the point where the asphalt ends, go right onto the con-grid road and after several uphill turns (19) with a spectacular view, you will reach a sign of stones one on top of the other characteristic "Koukos" "Κούκος" that you will encounter on other paths.

Leave your vehicle there and enter the trail with a right traverse leading you to the neck of the hill. Follow uphill. After continuously traverses to the right and after passing three successive small streams, minor creeks Fonias, you reach the specific part, which is one of the best and most wonderfull of the island. There are signs all across the path.

Φωτο: "Στο μονοπάτι της Καργιάς"
Φωτο: "Να προσεγγίζεις την Καργιά"

It is the springs of Fonia - a pleasant area with waters that shine green and blue because of the white granite of the area.

Φωτο: "Να νοιώθεις μαγικά μέσα στη μαγεία της Καργιάς" samothraki_samothraki-instagram
Φωτο: "Να γλυστράς στις νεροτσουλήθρες της Καργιάς κάτω από τον ίσκιο, με φόντο το απέραντο της θάλασσας" samothraki_samothraki-instagram
Φωτο: "Να κατασκηνώνεις σε μαγικές τοποθεσίες" Ευγενία Παπαπέτρου-facebook
Φωτο: "Να εναρμονίζεσαι με το τοπίο και να θες να μείνεις για εκεί για πάντα" maraya_pap-instagram

Small beaches and lofts in boulders, giving you the opportunity to dive in successive, gorgeous, sculpted by centuries, Vathres, while there are two points that fearlessly take in natural water slides that you will immediately discover. Browse all the surrounding scenery and look for southwestern direction in the above area of ​​Kristalopigi, for crystals of quartz. Return to the creek and reach the edge where the stream allows you to easily reach and stop, where a sign reminds you that from there and below it is only for well-trained climbers with special equipment.

All the area is a wonderful place to have a unique night there with your sleeping bag, under the stars near to the creak.

Blue and green dragonflies, lights, frogs, lizards of the rocks, various birds, goats, kids are your own companions on all routes within the streams, and the experiences they will mark your life and will accompany you with nostalgia for everything up to visit them again.


Take with you a hat, a windbreaker, a second shirt and a pair of socks, nuts, a sleeping bag (in the case of an overnight stay), a first aid box, a whistle, a knife or a swiss knife, lighter and lens. We recall the necessary footwear from a pair of sport shoes and also a mountaineering pair of boots. Respect the scenery and avoid leaving all sorts of waste throughout the journey.The water is icy, drinkable, digestive and unique in all the streams of the island. Do not drive uphill or downhill beyond your knowledge and abilities. Try to stay in the paths, any deviation may leave you exposed and distress you.
In case of overnight stays, fire in the open air is forbidden during the summer months, tighter ont the days when winds blow. If you prefer to sleep in the stream, take a 24 hour weather report, because in a sudden downpour you risk being swept away by the sudden flow of water.
NOTE: A warm request, avoid getting into the Vathres by wearing sunscreen, and if there is a need for urination or defecation, we recommend for obvious reasons to be out of the stream and follow the most ecological management by burying them!