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Άλλο ένα ρυάκι το μεγαλύτερο στη βόρεια πλευρά από τα 61 που διατρέχουν την Σαμοθράκη. Στο Φονιά θα χαρείτε και την μεγαλύτερη βάθρα του νησιού. Κάντε τις βουτιές σας και κολυμπήστε κάτω από τον καταρράκτη με τον όγκο του νερού να πέφτει ορμητικά πάνω σας

Fonias (Φουνιάς)

Another impressive sample of the island is that of Fonia at 18 km from Kamariotissa. It took its name from its range and its strong flow during the winter months and its strong rains. Years ago there was a corresponding bridge and many are the times when animals and people were swept away in their attempt to go to one or the other direction during those years. There is also local beer under the same name. Leave your vehicle in the parking lot on the Fonia Bridge and continue for 30 minutes through the river bed.

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The ride is smooth even for children, walking under the shade of alder and plane trees, during the course meet Vathres with little sand beaches for swimming, diving and appropriate areas for pic-nic. The shapes of the stones are amazing.

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The route leads you to the largest and deepest (15 m) Vathra on the island that is accompanied by one of the largest waterfalls - 30 m.

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Φωτο: "Όταν φθάνεις στη 1η Βάθρα του Φονιά"
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Have an exhaustive bath and diving, approach the waterfall and let the volume of water create an ice-cold whirlpool. Before the Vathra there is a pond suitable for very young children. On the left there is an extreme route that climbs from the cliff edge first and then, under the cut (attention because the leaves are slipping), you pass a 2 meter yard and bring you over the cascade and into the gorge with a unique sense of volume of the water that passes under your feet. Reach the third Vathra and then the 4th Vathra and waterfall, as the fourth is magnificent and unique Gerania Vathra with small sand beach, in the shade of huge plane trees. Ιs the place witch give you the opportunity to feel all the amount of Fonia's water on you.

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Alternatively, and a more accessible route is the one that starts right at the fifth Vathra . With your first steps you are on the podium viewing point and the waterfall from above, suitable for great pictures in about 20 minuites after following the path you arrive directly to the fifth Vathra with a small beach. Get down on the right and under the small waterfall feel all the volume of frozen water splashing with sthrength. If you continue on the path for about 40 minutes, you have reached the point of viewing the second largest waterfall on the island that is the Klidosi (Κλείδουσ΄) with a height of 75 meters.

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Φωτο: "Να ζεις την εμπειρία της βουτιάς στη Κλέιδωση"

But great caution and only with basic climbing skills, if you get off the Vathres below and subdue the grandeur that offers the ultimate awe of space. Your return will be from the route you came, while the continuation of the stream reffers to only well-trained climbers with specialized equipment, is the beginning of the springs area of Fonia witch called Kargia.


Take with you a hat, a windbreaker, a second shirt and a pair of socks, nuts, a sleeping bag (in the case of an overnight stay), a first aid box, a whistle, a knife or a swiss knife, lighter and lens. We recall the necessary footwear from a pair of sport shoes and also a mountaineering pair of boots. Respect the scenery and avoid leaving all sorts of waste throughout the journey.The water is icy, drinkable, digestive and unique in all the streams of the island. Do not drive uphill or downhill beyond your knowledge and abilities. Try to stay in the paths, any deviation may leave you exposed and distress you.

In case of overnight stays, fire in the open air is forbidden during the summer months, tighter ont the days when winds blow. If you prefer to sleep in the stream, take a 24 hour weather report, because in a sudden downpour you risk being swept away by the sudden flow of water.

NOTE: A warm request, avoid getting into the Vathres by wearing sunscreen, and if there is a need for urination or defecation, we recommend for obvious reasons to be out of the stream and follow the most ecological management by burying them!