Creeks & Streams


Άλλο ένα ρυάκι από τα 61 που διατρέχουν την Σαμοθράκη. Με την πιο κοντινή και εύκολη πρόσβαση στις πρώτες δυο του βάθρες και στο πρώτο του καταράκτη σας προσφέρει δροσιά και την μαγεία της φύσης

Kremasi (Κέεεμασ΄)

Another stream you can see easily in the area is when you reach the bridge, instead of going to the left paved road, continue to the right paved, 150m. leave your vehicle, to continue with the bed of the stream and reach in just 5 minutes to the first waterfall and the first Vathra that has a small beach of fine gravel.

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Proceed with caution on the second waterfall with the second Vathra that came in, enter from below and enjoy an ice bath. The rocks of blue and black granite have beautiful shapes here. Proceed with great care in the third Vathra and the waterfall of Kremasi (Κέεεμασ΄) as seen from the beach of Therma. In the area, the visitors of the island renamed it to "Paradise".

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Take with you a hat, a windbreaker, a second shirt and a pair of socks, nuts, a sleeping bag (in the case of an overnight stay), a first aid box, a whistle, a knife or a swiss knife, lighter and lens. We recall the necessary footwear from a pair of sport shoes and also a mountaineering pair of boots. Respect the scenery and avoid leaving all sorts of waste throughout the journey.The water is icy, drinkable, digestive and unique in all the streams of the island. Do not drive uphill or downhill beyond your knowledge and abilities. Try to stay in the paths, any deviation may leave you exposed and distress you.

In case of overnight stays, fire in the open air is forbidden during the summer months, tighter ont the days when winds blow. If you prefer to sleep in the stream, take a 24 hour weather report, because in a sudden downpour you risk being swept away by the sudden flow of water.

NOTE: A warm request, avoid getting into the Vathres by wearing sunscreen, and if there is a need for urination or defecation, we recommend for obvious reasons to be out of the stream and follow the most ecological management by burying them!