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In Samothraki we produce our wine and beer. Feel free to try and enjoy - feel also free to take the taste with you.

Fonias beer is produced at a company-owned brewery based in Samothraki


The Microbrewery of Samothrace is a family - collective effort with a common denominator of love for beer and the island of Samothraki.

It all started in 1981 when the then amateur brewery Thanasis Apostolakos opened the Granaki bar in Athens, expanding its brewing horizons to European beers.

Later, passion and passion for beer led him to Home brewing / home brewing. So his passion and love for enjoying and producing beer was also passed on to the rest of the family.

Years later, on the island that the family loved, Samothraki, the dream of producing high-quality fresh beer, with the main ingredient of the island's water, one of the best in Europe, got flesh and bones.

The brewery company was created with shareholders who have the same passion for creation, so the idea took off.

Φωτο: "Οι "πηγές" της Φονιάς" samothraki_micr-instagram

In 2016, after three years of agony and hard work, the first beer of the Microbrewery of Samothrace was born on this border island, with the recipe of Thanasis Apostolakou.

A beer fresh and dynamic like the biggest waterfall, and the torrent of the island, FONIA.



Φωτο: "Να παραγγέλνεις την Φονιάς" samothraki_micr-instagram
Φωτο: "Να ακούς την μουσική της" samothraki_micr-instagram
Φωτο: "Να την συνοδεύεις με μεζέ" vscrou-isntagram
Φωτο: " Στο φυσικό της περιβάλλον" samothraki_micr-instagram
Φωτο: "Στην υγειά σας" samothraki_micr-instagram

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If you don't know all about Samothraki the best case would be to visit, listen to guides and explore - this will provide unique understanding to culture and history.

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Meze - ouzo - tsipouro to explore. No one has ever regreted - for that we can promise and guarantee.

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Samothraki is characterised by tall and adventurous mountain landscapes while being coasty all along, with each single element contributing to a picturesque and magnificent landscape.