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Give yourself the chance to travel the Thracean Sea. Unless you have your own helicopter or hydroplane, Samothraki can be reached by ship or speedboat. We want to meet you anyways.

Access to Samothraki

Samothraki can be reached via a two-hour ferry or an one-hour speedboat trip from Alexandroupoli, the easternmost city on the Greek mainland.

The ferry connects Samothraki with Alexandroupoli twice daily in the peak season months of July and August and less frequently at other times of the year.

The speadboat is accessible only during the summer months.

Tickets are sold at various travel agents close to the port at Alexandroupoli.

For information on ferry schedules and prices visit SAOS.


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Samothraki is a big island, but please do not worry - transportation is here to move you around.

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Samothraki is characterised by tall and adventurous mountain landscapes while being coasty all along, with each single element contributing to a picturesque and magnificent landscape.