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Here is the place where the Myth goes live in every step you take.

Samothaki is the island of Myths and Traditions.

Myth that pass from generation to generation and mouth to mouth through stories that were used to be said during the winter months by the fire.

Mythic existances are all around areas of the Island, with most well-know those of Aragides (Ααγίδες), that are the fairies who live in the creeks and when you see them you have not to talk to them - if you do so then you will be silent for ever.

Topakes (Τόπακες) follow, who live in abandoned houses and Sthia (Στχιά) that remind old hauntings.

The myth of Cloths of Old lady (Πανιά της Γριάς) describe an old woman living on the unseen area of the island (Giali area) with 1.000 goats and was lying her cloths on the rock as white strips, which evenentually stoned.

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