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How about Samothaki winter conditions, fires - wildfire season and wild life?

Samothraki is not reachable sometimes during the winter. Watch the weather broadcasting, since there is a case that the ship is notdeparting due to bad weather conditions. During the winter time it would be a good case to have tire chains with you.

You can contibute in the protection of the island and its natural wild beauty, by taking care of not dropping lighted cigaretts on the streets. In the most cases of fire situation the reason was dropping a cigarette. In addition to this, a dropped glass bottle can cause wildfire, because it can turn to a lens and start a fire. In addition to this, you have to be careful when starting a fire, to know that the fire department does not allow people to start fires during the summer period. If you see smoke during the summer period outside of village area, please dial 199 for emergency case.

Feel safe during your stay at the island, walk free around all the areas and sleep with absolutely no fear, since there is no wild life.

Watch out of vibers though, who are harmless unless you annoy them. Lots are heard around about snakes in the island - in period of 50 years there are only two incidents of viber bite to tourists. All other species are harmless.

Enjoy natural environment, creeks and mountain and please take rubbish with you.

The island is also under recycling regime - drop any recyclable litter (aluminium, plastic, paper and glass) to the blue dustbins.


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Travel Alerts

Travel Alerts

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