Samothraki Weather

Weather in Therma

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Weather in Therma

Samothraki is an island with micro clima. This is unique to certain places in the world.

All visitors are happy to see the sun rising from the sea, giving a beatiful redly colour to the green of the area.

In the summer period during the day, characteristic is the cool feeling because you are always under the shadow of big trees and you are at the foot of mountain Fengari, which through creeks blows a cool breeze, special for the night - that's why one needs a jacket.

During the winter, the area has always cold weather, fog, clouds and rainy days.

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Samothraki Weather

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Samothraki Weather

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Samothraki is characterised by tall and adventurous mountain landscapes while being coasty all along, with each single element contributing to a picturesque and magnificent landscape.